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Schedule a Class

The studio currently uses the MindBody Online platform for scheduling Pilates sessions and group classes. If you have not yet registered your information through the website to create an account and log-in, please complete this step first before scheduling a class: 

Once registered, follow the steps below to get started:

  1. View the current class schedule to pick the class you'd like to schedule

  2. Scroll down to use the MindBody Online schedule through the website OR

  3. Use the MindBody Online app, search for Freeman Pilates, then schedule the class under the 'classes' tab 

View our current class schedule or download a copy:

Freeman Pilates Class

For future scheduling, feel free to continue using this page or download the MindBody Online app. 

Search for 'Freeman Pilates' and add the studio to your favorites list.

You will you use the email and password you created when you registered as your login information.

Then look for group class availability under the "class" tab.

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