NeuroKinetic Therapy® is a unique method that utilizes manual muscle testing to help correct dysfunction within the body. Muscular and neurological dysfunctions can occur due to various types of stress on the body: injury, over or under use, repetitive movement in work, sport, or poor posture. When any type of stress happens on the body it can cause a change in neuromuscular firing – the body is trying to find the most efficient way to move – so it will often create a compensation pattern. Compensation patterns can then become normal and part of our daily lives, but end up causing pain. Sometimes the pain can present quickly after an injury, sometimes it is years or decades later after an injury. The goal of a session utilizing this method is to help bring balance and proper firing to the coordination systems of the brain and body.

NeuroKinetic Therapy® uses light muscle testing techniques. Forceful movements, stretching, or testing are not utilized to ensure proper results and to ensure there is no exacerbation of the present pain or body dysfunction. The aim is to determine if imbalances are present where some muscles may be over-working or under-working. Once this is determined, we can better identify the dysfunctional musculoskeletal pattern causing pain or movement inhibition. A variety of techniques may be used to help resolve the dysfunctional pattern, and are unique to each individual based on what the session findings present.

A session always ends with “homework,” or a corrective movement the client can perform at home to ensure the correct musculoskeletal pattern remains strong. The exercise(s) given are unique to each individual and their situation.

We ask you wear comfortable, loose clothing for a NeuroKinetic Therapy® session.