“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”
~ Joseph Pilates

The truth is: the more consistent you are with your session and class attendance, the more you learn and the more your body changes. My goal is to offer payment options that encourage regular attendance while still considering we all budget our finances differently.

To honor that concept, “Pilates Monthly” options are available to encourage regular attendance, monthly budgeting, and offer a break for those who want to attend multiple classes per week.

Not sure how often you can make it? Class cards are your best option, with 10 classes on each card and they expire in 3 months. This still encourages regular attendance but with more flexibility.


Maximum of 4 per class utilizing the Pilates equipment: Reformer, Tower, Chair, barrels, and small props.

“Pay as I go” options:

  • Single class  $25

  • Studio Intro Private Session $45

Class Card Option

  • 10 class card $225

*Expires 3 months after purchase date. Please email emily@freemanpilates.com if you need this extended due to travel or other circumstances.

Private Sessions

A session focused on the needs of the individual. A private session may utilize Pilates, NKT, AIS, Reiki, or a combination of services. Private sessions may be used to prepare for class attendance, enhance current class attendance, problem solve a pain or movement problem, and offer a chance for more advanced students to practice the advanced exercises with the safety and support of the instructor. Private sessions may be used as needed, or as a regular session for those who prefer working one on one with their instructor.

  • Intro to the studio $45*

  • Private Session $75

  • 5 Private Sessions $375

  • 10 Private Sessions $675

  • 90 minute consultation $95

  • 6 session Start Up $300**

*highly recommended for those new to the Freeman Pilates studio
**offer available for new clients only

The 6 session Start Up is focused on introducing new students to the studio and equipment, teaching the Pilates foundational principles, teaching specific modifications and instructions for your body, preparing for classes, and determining if you feel ready for classes or would like to focus on private sessions. Most Pilates clients say it takes about 6-10 sessions to start to “get it,” so this package is in honor of that “getting it” phase!

Semi Private Sessions

Scheduled sessions of 2, 3, or 4 people. Groups may be made by the individuals or the instructor can recommend a pairing based on skill level, goals, and schedule availability.

All payment methods accepted: cash, credit/debit cards, and personal checks. Please make checks out to “Freeman Pilates LLC.”

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