Looking to start with private sessions?

Private sessions are a great place to start no matter what your intention or goal. Whether you have done Pilates before and want a refresher, you’ve never stepped foot into a studio, or you would like to try some of the different services and techniques offered at the Freeman Pilates studio, a private session will give you one on one attention and instruction.

Private sessions are also a great opportunity for those regularly attending classes to break down a challenging exercise, learn a better set up/position for an exercise that you just don’t seem to connect with, or to try and figure out why a certain movement is challenging or causes discomfort. Private sessions are a resource accessible to everyone at any time!

Use the scheduling calendar below or the MindBody Online mobile app to sign up for an appointment or private session online. Feel free to call (314) 398-8030 or email emily@freemanpilates.com as well if you are not sure which service fits your needs or you want to learn more about the services offered.

*If this is your first session and you are scheduling for NeuroKinetic Therapy, Reiki, or Active Isolated Stretching, please book “90 minute consult” which allots for up to 90 minutes. This ensures enough time for health history, movement evaluation, use of the equipment (if applicable), and corrective bodywork.