Studio Offerings

Whether you are interested in strengthening, stretching and flexibility, NKT, learning something new and fun, or simply getting a blend of all of Emily’s knowledge, you are in the right place!  Start here to figure out what gets you excited to begin with Freeman Pilates.

Pilates is an extremely versatile exercise method that can provide a challenge all its own, or it can be a compliment to your current fitness routine. The bottom line is people who add Pilates into their routine see improvements in posture, strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration.

My most recent training, NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), has been by far the most transformative. NKT has allowed me to take my Pilates and corrective exercise training to the next level and help clients manage pain that just never seemed to “go away.” NKT proudly describes itself as the “missing link” in pain management – and it’s true!

The Juvo Board is a fun, clever, and purposeful piece of equipment. Its design allows for assistance with movements, stability challenges, and gentle inversions.

A world-known and universal method of energy and body work. A session applied all its own or applied during a corrective session, energy work can be a huge help in managing pain, stress, anxiety, and any blocks with mindfulness and mind/body connection.

Emily is kind, intuitive and always wants what’s best for your body. I’ve lived in many major cities and Emily is truly a leader in the industry in Saint Louis and in the country!

One of the best workouts I’ve done in a very long time! Emily is very attentive and focuses on every person to make sure they’re getting the best experience/workout as possible. Highly recommended.

Emily Freeman is an incredibly intuitive & gifted Pilates trainer, Neurokinetic Therapist and Reiki Master! I have had the honor of working with her over the last 5 years and still consult with her frequently with my clients in Arizona. You will find her energy positively refreshing and you will be in great hands.

Emily is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable instructor with a compassionate, calm, and generous spirit! Love the gorgeous pilates oasis she’s created in the Tower Grove neighborhood!

Beautiful space- Emily is an experienced professional that tailors the workout for each individual.