So, what's a Session Like?

In a private session, the focus will be client driven:

  • New to Pilates and nothing to complain about? Let’s get you on the equipment and get you introduced to the Pilates method and basic principles. This will help determine if you need more private sessions or are ready to work towards classes.
  • New to Pilates but dealing with some pain? Let’s start with some movement evaluation, NKT testing, and see what specific exercises your body needs to get out of pain first. The Pilates equipment will be used and we will implement more movements catered to your body, strengthening, and pain management.
  • In pain but don’t even know where to start? We will do a more extensive health history and movement/body evaluation to help determine the best place to start. More detailed focus could be placed on breathing, gentle movements, and energy and body work.
  • Ready for classes but need a refresher? We will go through the basics of a class, how to work the equipment, safety concerns, and individual cues and instructions for your body and current strength level during classes.

In a class setting, the pace will be more focused on flow to get the most out of the hour, challenge the body and build up some heat. Students are expected to change their own springs and modify the equipment as instructor by the teacher. Modifications will be given to each student as needed during a class.

  • Want to jump in a class and don’t care about your classmates? Sign up for a class online or call and schedule.
  • Want to be in a class with similar classmates? Or want to set up a class with a few friends? Let’s look at scheduling a semi-private session up to 4 people.