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Yashica Hawkins


I am a dedicated Pilates instructor with a passion for wellness and empowering others. Having discovered Pilates over a decade ago, I found strength and power in its fluid, controlled movements.

I am a board-certified adult nurse practitioner and owner of Yen Health & Wellness. My wellness practice focuses on personalized, root-cause medicine. My journey from student to instructor was driven by the desire to share the transformative experience with my patients.

I honed my skills through the Flourish Pilates program in St. Louis, MO, embracing the classical and comprehensive approach.

Recognizing Pilates as a foundational element for various movement activities, from weight training to dance, I bring a holistic perspective to my instruction. Join me on the path to strength, fluidity, and well-being through the practice of Pilates.

Yashica Hawkins
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