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Hannah Bialecki

Pilates Instructor in Training

Hannah was first introduced to Pilates in 2015 as part of a STOTT PILATES Course for Dance Majors at Wayne State University. With her passion for movement, she instantly fell in love with the technique and experienced first hand how beneficial Pilates is for both the mind and the body. With knowledge of anatomy and movement analysis, Hannah felt called to become a Pilates instructor to help others feel strong and confident in their body. Currently working towards her full certification, Hannah has gained experience helping clients with Lupus, Vertigo, and post knee replacement rehabilitation.

Originally from Detroit, MI, Hannah received her BFA in Dance from Wayne State University in 2019. Shortly after graduating, she moved to St. Louis to pursue her career as a professional dancer. She has since worked with local companies such as; The Big Muddy Dance Company, Resilience Dance Company and Modern American Dance Company.

Currently a freelance artist, Hannah is looking forward to creating her own dance projects in the future!

Trained in Level l & ll Mat & Reformer in the STOTT PILATES Method | Teaching since 2023

Hannah Bialecki
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