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Sessions with Emily Freeman


What to expect

Since her certification in 2008, Emily has continued to seek various trainings in different approaches and methodologies. With this in mind, Emily approaches each session uniquely and individually. Knowing that a lot can happen between sessions, intentions and progress are built upon, but each session is still its own.

Breathwork has become the foundation of any successful session for Emily. If you have not yet learned or reviewed Emily's approach on breathwork, this will be where you begin. Emily has found that no changes are truly successful and do not integrate without the foundation of the breathwork methodology behind it. From an anatomic perspective, the breathwork concept and methodology activates the deep core and intrinsic stability muscles, which then allow for stronger integration of movements and exercises that follow.

Once the breathwork concept and idea has been established, the session will continue with what the client's body presents or what naturally follows.

Emily's more specialized trainings may also be utilized in combination the Pilates equipment:

NeuroKinetic Therapy

McLaughlin Scar Release Technique

Dynmaic Neuromuscular Therapy 

Session Options:

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Office hours vary each week. Emails will be answered in order received during Emily's weekly office hours. Please allow 2-3 days for a response due to the nature of Emily's teaching and session schedule.

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