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Sessions and classes taught by certified Pilates instructors.

Exercises and modifications offered are all with the Pilates Principles in mind.

One or all pieces of equipment may be used in a class or session depending on instructor's plan or client request.

Please note expiration dates for each purchase:

Individual classes and sessions expire one month after purchase date.

Package expiration date information listed at purchase.

Introductory Private Session

**Respectfully requested for all clients new to the studio**

This 55 minute session includes:

  • Introduction to the Pilates Method and Equipment

  • Learn equipment safety and use to make the most out of your classes

  • Learn equipment and exercise modifications that may be helpful to you during classes

Group Classes
$20 - $35

A 50 minute group class utilizing the Pilates equipment. 

  • Maximum is 6 students per class

  • Smaller class size still allows for individual attention, without the cost of a private session

  • Class schedule will note class type and equipment used

  • Drop In class, Class cards, and Membership options available

  • One Month Unlimited classes available for new Pilates students

Private Pilates Session

A 55 minute private Pilates session.


A Private session can focus on:

  • individual goals

  • injury rehabilitation

  • pain management

  • stress management

  • Breakdown of a specific exercise or concept from class

  • Form check to enhance your group class experience

Private Group Class
$180 (divided between 3-10 people)

Reserve the group space for a Private group class experience.


  • One person books the time, then cost can be divded as you see fit between the group

  • 6 people: full studio experience

  • 7 people: Chairs, Towers, Mats, Spine Correctors/Barrels

  • 8-9 people: Chairs, Mats, Spine Correctors/Barrels

  • 10 People: mats and small props

Duet Session
$150 ($75 per person)

A 55 minute private session for 2 people.


  • A favorite for regular clients to bring a friend or family member and introduce them to the studio. 

  • The feel and attention of a private Pilates session.

  • Depending on group class schedule, this session can take place in the Private Pilates studio or larger group space.

Pause Studio Intro Packages
$75 - $255

The best Introductory combination of Private sessions + group classes. 

Packages must be purchased separately but can be used concurrently. 

  • 3 private sessions $180

  • 3 group classes $75

  • $360 full retail value

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