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Studio Policies

To ensure a positive studio experience for everyone, please review our studio policies. 


A proper warm up is part of an effective Pilates class and session. 

For new students, please arrive to the studio 10-15 minutes before class so you can be guided on personal item storage, changing room location, and equipment introduction if you did not schedule an introductory private session (highly recommended).

Please arrive to the studio 5-10 minutes before class for regularly attending students to allow for an efficient start time.

Studio Etiquette

To promote care for the studio space and equipment, please be mindful of assisting in keeping the studio organized and maintained. We like to follow the "leave it as you found it" idea, being mindful of how we leave our area for the next instructor or client. Also being mindful of moving equipment thoughtfully as to maintain its use for as long as possible and prevent tears on upholstry.

Late Cancellations

Cancellations and rescheduling are welcome within 24 hours of a class or session. Out of respect for our limited class space, the following cancellation fees apply if a cancellation is made within 24 hours: 

  • $13 for a group class

  • $45 for private session or appointment

If no attempt to cancel within the website or app has been made, a no-show cancellation fee will apply:

  • $35 for a group class

  • full appointment rate for a private session


Please wear comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in. Socks or "grip socks" are optional and not required. 

Layers are recommended. 

Loose/flowy pants and shirts are welcome, however sometimes they can interfere with movements. Please wear what is most comfortable for you.

Most individuals prefer to wear pants or leggings rather than loose-fitting shorts.

Food + Drink

Water bottles are encouraged in the studio space for you to utilize during class. Shelving is available for drinks to avoid any spilling during class.

Please refrain from bringing food into the studio.

Phone + Smart Watches

To promote a present, mindful environment during class, please:

  • silence cell phones once in the studio

  • place phone on vibrate if you need to be available in case of emergency

  • limit smart watch use during class

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