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A regular Pilates practice is an investment in your health and wellness, but also an investment of your time and finances. 

We support the process of trying something new and determining how it will fit into your routine. 

We offer several options for those new to the studio to determine how Pilates best fits into your life and schedule.

Read our options below to find your best way to get started. Once you decide, if you have not yet registered your information into the MindBody Online scheduling platform, that will be your next step to purchase and schedule a session or class.

What's the best way to get started?

If you have never practiced Pilates on the Pilates equipment before, we respectfully request one Introductory Private session before attending a group class. This is not only for your safety to know how to move on the equipment safely and effectively, but out of respect for regularly practicing clients. 

Emily's recommended order to get started:

1. Introductory Private Session and/or Pause Studio Introductory Private Package

followed by

2. New Client Drop In Class and/or Pause Studio Introductory Class Package

followed by

3. One Month Unlimited Class Membership


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