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B | M | C - A different plan for the year

"When you know a technique, you know a technique. When you know a concept, you know a thousand techniques."

What if your plan for the new year looked like this:

BREATHE: January + February + March

Integrate: April

MOVE: May + June + July

Integrate: August

CHANGE: September + October + November

Integrate: December

.... what if we started focusing on concept shifts as we start the new year?

I still do not know the source of the concept quote, but it was the most transformative for me in my professional career.

When I was able to apply it to my personal life, it continues to create changes every single day.

When I focus on a concept first, everything gets lighter and more available.

When I focus on the smaller, more specific things first, things seem a little more heavy and challenging.


What if this year, you focused on the bigger concepts, and then let all the smaller techniques and ideas fall into place?

If yes ...

... then start by pausing to take a deep breath.

Deep breaths,

Emily Freeman

(more information and workshop schedule dates to follow)


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