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Emily Freeman, MS, RD, NKT, DNS

Owner, Instructor

Emily Freeman MS, RD, NKT, STOTT

I have an immensely strong passion for science and movement. My degree work has allowed me to learn about many aspects of the human body: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, cardiology, nutrition and metabolism, and exercise science. I am a lifetime student and believe there is always more to learn as a bodywork and corrective movement practitioner. 

How my training began…

My passion for health and wellness began in high school when I was first introduced to Pilates. Having grown up with poor body mechanics while playing many different sports, I was the youngest in the Pilates class and yet the least flexible with poor balance and stability. After more practice I found how impactful the Pilates method can be and my body became stronger, more centered, and pain free. I decided to take on the STOTT Pilates certification while completing my degree in Dietetics at Missouri State University. I completed the comprehensive STOTT Pilates certification in 2008, followed by earning my degree in Dietetics in 2010. I was then accepted into the Saint Louis University Dietetic Internship program, which I completed in 2011, and then finished my formal degree programs by earning a Master’s of Nutrition and Dietetics with an emphasis in Nutrition and Physical Performance. During my Master’s program I also participated in a brief internship at a cardiac rehabilitation facility working with the exercise physiologists on staff. After finishing my degree programs I brought my focus back to Pilates and corrective movement therapy. I also began exploring various other approaches to health and pain management through Reiki, Craniosacral, acupuncture, chiropractic, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Shamanic healing, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). Having personally experienced the powerful impact of these techniques, I decided to dedicate my next level of education towards trainings in these fields.

My goals as an instructor and practitioner…

My goal of each session is to make the body more efficient. In a class setting I structure the workout specifically to make the body more stable, flexible, and connected, which allows for easy and natural progression from essential to advanced exercises. In a private session I use various techniques to help identify why pain is present, why a certain movement causes pain, why a muscle or muscle group may not be firing correctly, or why a certain movement may be challenging or unstable. Overall I aim help identify how a person can leave the session feeling more connected, strong, and relaxed. I am also very passionate about educating each client and student on how their body works so they feel more empowered and knowledgeable in managing their own pain and body mechanics.

So out of all my trainings and certifications – why open a Pilates studio?

As previously stated, I love science and kinesiology. I find the human body fascinating when it comes to movement, weight bearing and loading, levers and angles of pull… etc. However in all my trainings, university level classes, and workshops, I still can not find a method that puts it all together for me like Pilates. Let me be clear – this is my personal opinion in how I approach movement and pain management. I am a huge supporter of all other movement modalities and highly encourage people to cross train and try new movement methods and approaches as they are developed. 

I was so fortunate to be trained by wonderful STOTT Instructor Trainers that instilled the foundational Pilates movement concepts into my training. I also had the opportunity to work alongside incredibly talented classical Pilates instructors for 6 years. I have found that the Pilates method philosophy, basic principles, and equipment allow for challenging, yet safe and rewarding, movements and exercise. 

I have seen the Pilates equipment be especially impactful in making changes in the body. The equipment can be modified and tailored to exactly what resistance, angle, or length the client needs to achieve the desired movement. It also has the ability to be more challenging as you increase the pace of a session or class, transitioning from exercise to exercise in a quicker pace to focus on flow. I chose to build my space and business with Pilates equipment and the Pilates method at the center as I have found in all my years I keep going back to it. I hope those of you who come to my studio and classes will understand and it will impact you the same way it impacted me!

Favorite quotes…

“What’s best can change”

“Meet them where they are, take them where they’re not.” – Dr. Kathy Dooley and I.D. Team 

Degrees and Certifications

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, emphasis in Nutrition and Physical Performance

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 3 Practitioner

STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor

Registered Dietitian

Reiki Master

Juvo Board Instructor

Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner

Core Barre and Core Reform Instructor

Shamanic Healing Trainee

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (Exercise 1 and Golf focus classes completed, currently proceeding with full certification)

Emily Freeman, MS, RD, NKT, DNS
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