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"The best preventative medicine any individual can have and develop is a sense of body awareness for their own body."

- Emily Freeman 

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Introductory Private Session



"Breathing is the first act of life, and the last. Our very life depends on it...

Therefore, above all, learn how to breathe correctly." - Joseph Pilates

Research is continuing to find the benefits of breathwork on the body: 

improved stress response, mental health support and resiliency, increased strength and performance improvements, and pain management.

Pilates and functional breathwork training are helpful tools as you learn to implement breathwork practices into your daily routine.

Breath anatomy


Pilates sessions and classes centered upon the method of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, focusing on using the breath to facilitate a movement or engagement. 

Private sessions and workshops with Emily Freeman introduce her unique approach to breathwork - a combination of over 15 years of trainings and teaching - to help manage pain, stress, and build strength. Her method and approach is meant to complement any current movement practice or daily routine.

Start now with breathwork tips you can practice anywhere:

Pilates Springs


Classes and sessions teach and challenge the ability to coordinate the breathwork and exercises. The unique use of springs on the Pilates equipment improves strength and flexibility at the same time.

Levels range from essential and stability focused, to athletic and advanced:

Mat Pilates

Private Pilates

MELT Method Classes

Open Level



Visit the 'Getting Started' page to help answer any questions on where to start:

Concrete pilates floor


"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference,

in 20 sessions you'll see the difference,

in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body."

- Joseph Pilates

Feel the change in your body with continued practice.

See the changes in your daily movement routines and improved performance and recovery.

Notice the shift in focus to feeling better and more balanced.


Workshops and retreats allow for enhanced focus and discussion on Pilates, breathwork, and wellness concepts. 

View upcoming events that support the idea of working with and supporting the body:

Attending class at Freeman Pilates was the first time I thought "wow, this is a practice I will continue for the rest of my life." The functional, mobility, and strength benefits of this practice are amazing. The variety of teachers and classes is a huge plus, along with the trust that I will have a positive and beneficial experience no matter which class I take. This is a warm and accepting community, and I leave feeling physically and emotionally renewed with the energy I need for my day - not physically exhausted and depleted. My thanks to the incredible team and students at Freeman Pilates for being a highlight of my week!



(314) 398-8030


3172 Morgan Ford Road

Saint Louis, MO 63116

Consultations by appointment only. 



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